The Spokane Trilogy (2008-09)


The Statuary Garden
Lost Secrets of Meteorology
The Jewel Encrusted Alligator

Privately distributed to friends, this trilogy became the core of A Partial View Toward Nazareth, published by Stillwater Press in 2010. A sampling from these books appears in the 2023 A Little Family from Spuyten Duyvil Press.


Prose? Oh, it is poetry I do think. Either that or a novella. In any event it's full of sentences that I wish were mine.
—Bob Thurber

The reader finds it hard to say whether the
gaze actually sits on material manifestations of our
nearly ruined social spirit, or on the spaces
between the objects held up for examination by her words.

—(Amazon review)


By now Lytton Strachey has complained in a letter to Virginia Woolf that there are times when he seems to see life steadily and see it whole but those are only moments and, as a rule, he can make nothing out.
Virginia has answered, “Next time, I mean to stick closer to facts.”

Ravens hover in place like kestrels, soar like hawks. Each day I drive with Matthew Arnold Out of the light and mutely.

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