The Plant Waterer and other things in common

Produced originally as a gift for the friends and benefactors of Ravenna Press, this little volume takes a look, at once whimsical and lyrical, at things in a human scale, at the small, routine events of our days, coupled with descriptions of the technical underpinnings that make the small, routine actions possible and the synchronistic and cosmic influences that make them a mystery. Illustrated by the author. Currently out of print.

...a beautiful small book...doing concisely and poetically what Paul Metcalf and Gertrude Stein did with prose.
—Deron Bauman



the cars swarm onto the desk of the ferry as if they know where they fit best.
And sometimes the skins of the city close in on us, closely.
And sometimes we are just at sea.


Eileen Tabios' review in No. 5 of Galatea Resurrects

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