The Orphans of Thor Street


“Lovely, clever and strange,” a series of full-color art books documenting art pieces made by the author from unrestored items found in thrift stores grouped into tableaux, portraits or stills. The results are at first reminiscent of Cornell, but largely emerge from the framing box and carry titles and, as her pieces often do, poetic captions which speak to the objects as “plaintive auras of lives outlived.” There is often a hint at arrested, recent or past actions. These added dimensions lead to the pieces being more like movie stills than assemblages.
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The first in the series of three books that also includes Small Bones, Little Fish and No Arc but the Luminous is found here:The Orphans of Thor Street

Beautiful, witty, tragic (if that's not too big a word) and basically holy-shit-great.
—John Marshall

Simultaneously reminiscent of Joseph Cornell & John Ashbery (!)
—Elizabeth Alexander (of Seattle.)


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