3 Letters & Julius

Starting out with three poems based on letters from Virginia Woolf to Lytton Strachey, from James Agee to Father Flye, from an imagined Finn with an unpronounceable last name to Bertrand Russell, the book moves on to a minimalist memoir centered on a house then on to a collection of short, lyrical prose pieces selected by the author, including “In Hartmann Hall,” “Im Zoologischen Garten,” “Sisters,” “Astoria Finns” and “The Ferry.” Illustrated expressively — or, rather, illuminated by Cooper Renner
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"Julius" is a marvel and among the finest narrative poems I can remember having read. Lyrical, mysterious, poignant, with the amplitude of a history poem and the voice of a great dramatic monologue.
—Norman Lock


From Im Zoologischen Garten

A ticket to the zoological garden does not include a ticket to the botanical garden. It is non compris.The concession stand is at the margin of the garden. It is before the low gate where you must pay to go further. Beyond the concession stand, over the head of the man with your spun sugar, your glazed apple, over the umbrella above his head, you see the botanical garden. Its panes of glass flash at you as the sun moves across, like a man’s fine eyeglasses which, in turning toward you, flash a momentary light.

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